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Zurich Airport News Flash No. 17 / Zurich Airport Key Figures - October 2013

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Traffic Figures

2,270,108 passengers were handled at Zurich Airport during October 2013, a gain of 0.7% versus October 2012. The year to date passenger growth stands at +0.3%.

O&D or local passengers (originating or departing from Zurich) increased by 1.4% to 1,582,000 compared to previous October (YTD +2.0%). Transfer passengers decreased by 0.8% to 681,084 in October (YTD -2.9%). The transfer rate which was at 30.5% last October is currently at 30.1% (YTD 32.7%).

Air traffic movements (ATM’s) decreased by -2.1% to 22,908 in October versus previous year (YTD -2.8%). The decrease divides into a decrease of 1.2% for airlines (YTD -1.8%) and a decrease of 8.6% for general aviation (YTD -8.5%).

The average passenger per movement figure (airline passengers only) currently is at 112.4 (110.4 previous year) or 109.8 YTD (107.5 previous year). The average seat load factor stayed virtually unchanged at 76.8% (YTD 75.7%).  

Commercial Activities

Total turnover (net sales to consumers) during October was CHF 45.7m (+1.4% versus previous year). Turnover per departing passenger in October was CHF 40.27, which is 0.7 percent higher than last year. Year to date October, total turnover saw an increase of 4.2% to CHF 447.8m and turnover per departing passenger increased by 3.9 percent to CHF 42.1.  

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