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Unique News Flash No. 23 / Zurich Airport Key Figures - January 2008 and Guidance Annual Result 2007

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Traffic Figures
During January 2008 1'544’640 passengers were handled at Zurich Airport, a gain of 8.4% versus January 2007. Transfer passengers are up by 7.5% to 531’804 in January. The transfer rate which was at 34.9% last January is currently at 34.6%. O/D or local passengers (originating or departing from Zurich) have risen by 9.8% to 1'004’211 versus previous January.
The current low cost market share is at 9.5%, showing a substantial increase versus previous year’s figure of 7.5%. 55% of that growth has been contributed by Air Berlin and 25% by easyJet.
Air Traffic Movements (atm’s) increased by 10.0% to 23’131 in January versus previous year. The growth for airlines was 6.6% and 25.8% for General Aviation (movements mainly increased due to the World Economic Forum Davos). The average Passenger per movement figure (airline passengers only) currently is at 83.7 (82.3 previous year). On page 3 of the attached PDF we have added "seats per movement" to the traffic ratios, as this KPI also is a good efficiency indicator.
Commercial Activities
Total turnover (net sales to consumers) during January was 34.9m CHF (+ 8.9%) versus previous year. Turnover per departing passenger in January was CHF 45.21, which is 0.4% over last year.
Guidance annual result 2007
Traffic growth 2007 has exceeded expectations, as communicated in the Unique News Flash No. 22 / Zurich Airport Key Figures December 2007. Following a strong passenger growth of 11.5% during the first quarter 2007, growth figures saw a substantial decline in the second and third quarter. Fortunately, growth grew back to 8.9% in the fourth quarter 2007. This unexpected strong rebound during the last quarter led to final passenger figures of 0.3 million passengers (+ 1.7%) above the traffic guidance of 20.4 million given last summer. As a major part of the airports costs are fixed, this additional traffic leads to substantial net profit improvement. Further, during the fourth quarter, a legally binding order by the FOCA led to the realisation of a relevant share of deferred user fee revenues (CHF 6.4 million) which were billed in 2006 and accounted for as deferred revenues in financial year 2006. Flughafen Zürich AG therefore anticipates a 2007 year end result which is distinctly higher than previously expected (prior guidance = net profit +20% versus previous year). The detailed figures will be communicated as part of the presentation of the year end results of the Flughafen Zürich AG on 13. March, 2008.

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